Willowstone covers all aspects of the building process from design and planning through to completion. Our meticulous Project Management is key in meeting our client needs and expectations, our main focus. We will never settle for the obvious, always looking for innovative solutions to ensure we deliver a quality product with excellent return on your investment.

Starting with the right foundations is fundamental to any project. The right design, materials and advice up front saves time and cost later on. We have experience across a range of diverse build types including steel frame, reinforced concrete as well as traditional and timber frame. This experience, matched with a competitive supply chain, enables us to deliver the right materials at every stage.

A well-planned schedule of works enables precise management of key target dates and milestones, giving you insight to your project and keeping you informed at every stage of the build.

Finishes and Workmanship

We manage all aspects of interiors to the highest standards to meet and exceed our customer’s expectations. We understand that these fine details will be lived with everyday, so there is no room for cutting corners. Whether it’s a flooring solution, a bespoke hand-built kitchen or a high specification bathroom, you can expect finite attention to detail and a ‘perfectionist’ approach, achieving a finish we at Willowstone are proud of.




Sustainable and Environmental Builds

With growing awareness of the effects the building industry can have on the global environment, we are becoming more interested in using green building techniques. At Willowstone, we always strive to deliver maximum value to our clients whilst ensuring minimal future impact on the environment by using, where possible, energy-efficient equipment and design, locally available and sustainable materials, reducing impact on environment and human health, and managing water resources.

Investment Development

Our goal is to deliver the absolute best to our clients, whether they are first time or experienced investors. We have the agility to respond quickly to opportunities to assist clients in building robust and balanced property investment portfolios.

Willowstone’s experience will successfully guide your project to completion on time, within budget and to the highest standards. Our flexible and competitive procurement options are managed through our established partnerships and industry knowledge. Unique in our approach, we offer a complete solution to manage investment development builds and will advise and direct to achieve the maximum potential and return on your investment.


We are always looking for new opportunities with development potential in the South East of England, to discuss any proposed projects please contact us on 01483 757570.